Sprachakademie Summer School

Our offer, the German School of Summer, brings you closer to the German language through intensive, small, and international groups from 9 to 12.15. Afterwards, the offer is rounded up with a variety of summer and sports free time activities. Thus, your language acquisition can be directly and practically applied. Popular excursions to the sights of this country, and naturally Hanover, will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Sprachakademie takes care of cooperation partners and the placement of accommodations and helps you with the organization of traveling to and from the country. You can enjoy our program from May to September during a long or short summer holiday. For more information and requests please use our contact form on the top right of this page free of cost and with no obligation!

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German School of Summer

Study abroad in Germany

Fun and the effects of learning do not have to cancel each other out – on the contrary: The more fun and activities one has, the easier and more effortless it is to learn!!

Are you a student or just finishing with school and wish to travel? Then take advantage of your summer holidays and spend between two and eight weeks in Germany – you will see that the weather isn't that bad at all!