Hanover is the state capital of Lower Saxony. Hanover was founded along the Leine river and has approximately 520,000 inhabitants. Today the city is known as an important fair city through the world. The development of the city is due to its position as an important national intersection and a favored European route of transportation.

Hanover is located in the Leine valley at the intersection between the Lower Saxon highlands and the northern German lowlands. The southwestern part of the city borders the foothills of the Weser Hills with their agronomic, prosperous, loose soils. In the north, one can find the sandy and swampy coastal moorlands in the Burgdorf-Peine and the Hanoverian Moor in the city area.



Non-profit Organization

vibNon-profit organization the “Verein für Integration und Bildung e. V.,” abbreviated VIB. e.V., is a non-profit organization. It was established in 1995 on the initiative of Turkish parents.

Initially, we offered “Nachhilfe” courses for classes 5-10, but due to the large number of requests, we developed into a unique education system consisting of three branches and a language academy. Our goal is the integration of foreign children and adults through multicultural education and dialogue.

We believe ourselves to be a bridge to varying cultures and want to help those who have difficulties in school, at university, or even with public authorities. All of those who can identify with our mission are extremely encouraged to become members of our association.



Course Plans


Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 12:15 (A1 to B2)
Monday - Friday from 13:00 - 16:15 (C1 Hochschule and Studienkolleg)
20 hours of instruction per week, 4 hours of instruction daily)




Only two days per week from 13.00 to 14.30
(Specific days will be specified when courses begin)



Movie Day

Wednesday from 12:30 (see time schedule)



Wednesday from 12:30 (see time schedule)

A total of 160 hours of instruction plus an additional amount of approximately 50 hours of instruction of homework assistance for each level (optional)



Processing fees

Processing fees are one time only and are collected at the time of initial registration.

For example:

1x € 35 processing fee

For foreign registration, the fee for documents to obtain a visa is 150 €



6-step course system

   Beginner 1  (A1)
Beginner 2  (A2)
   Beginner 3  (B1)
  Intermediate 1  (B2)
Advanced 1  (C1)


Levels A1 to C1 (Levels are 8 weeks in duration)

   A1 (Beginner I)
        800,00 €  (incl. Books)
        Books: Netzwerk A1 (by Klett Verlag)

   A2 (Beginner II)      
     800,00 €  (incl. Books)
        Books: Netzwerk A2 (by Klett Verlag)

   B1 (Beginner III)      
        800,00 € (incl. Books)
        Books: Aspekt 1 (by Klett Verlag)

   B2 (Intermediate I)
        800,00 € (incl. Books) 
        Books: Aspekte 2 (by Klett Verlag)

   C1 (Advanced I)
        800,00 €  (incl. Books)
        Books: Aspekte Neu C1

     Studienkolleg preparation course

        700,00 €  -  120 hours of instruction
        2 days math, 3 days German
        only math 350,00 €, only Deutsch 350,00 €
        Exercises and texts in the form of copies





Goseriede 12d, (Verdi Höfe Haus D) 30159 Hannover   -   calculate route here


Contact Form




Sprachakademie Hannover

Goseriede 12d,
(Verdi Höfe Haus D)
30159 Hannover

Tel.: +49 511 515 33 441
Fax: +49 511 515 33 451
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Preparation course
Preparation course

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Hanover – The center of high German

Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony. In this region, people are known for speking an accent-free "high German.

The Hanover location is particularly important for those who want to pursue further education thanks to the city's four universities, the Medical School, the University of Music, Drama and Media, as well as further specialized colleges.

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Goseriede 12d,
(Verdi Höfe Haus D)
30159 Hannover

Tel.: +49 (511) - 71 00 361
Fax: +49 (511) - 70 10 892