A1 – Beginner I

Participants have had no or little experience with the German language. Students learn basic information and how to ask questions, as well as writing. Students also learn procedures for providing descriptions. Students build up their knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary.



Netzwerk A1  (by Klett Verlag)

Course duration

8 Weeks


160 Lessons Language course including exam

  12 Lessons tutorial

  16 Lessons communication training
188 Lessons

Course Fees

€ 800,00 € (incl.Books)

Course content

In beginner I, participants learn basic vocabulary and basic grammar. They learn how to ask basic information orally and through writing. The following language proficiencies will be practiced, among others:

•    Asking for directions

•    Giving directions

•    Asking for and giving information

•    Conversation about living and household

•    Describing people and character

•    Defining the size, shape and color of objects

Students learn to say what they want or do not want in everyday situations.

At the end of beginner 1, the participant should be able to speak and understand basic sentences.

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Hanover – The center of high German

Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony. In this region, people are known for speking an accent-free "high German.

The Hanover location is particularly important for those who want to pursue further education thanks to the city's four universities, the Medical School, the University of Music, Drama and Media, as well as further specialized colleges.

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30159 Hannover

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